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    Despite Charges, Prep Football Standout Remains Tackle-Eligible

    I think it's great the kid is trying to turn around his life but this is the reason pros keep getting into trouble in MHO.
    [size=14pt]Despite Charges, Prep Football Standout Remains Tackle-Eligible

    By Eli Saslow and Josh Barr
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Friday, September 8, 2006;

    They have decided, as a team, that Pat Lazear's troubles no longer exist. He and four friends were never arrested for the robbery of a Bethesda smoothie shop. Police never charged Lazear with two felonies. The Montgomery County school system never forced him to transfer from Whitman High School before his senior year.

    None of the incidents is relevant to Lazear's new football teammates at Wheaton High School, so they've instituted a simple rule: Treat Lazear as if his life began Aug. 15, when the All-Met linebacker arrived at Wheaton's practice field and revived the school's football team.

    More than five months after he allegedly drove the getaway car in a felony robbery and three months after Whitman forced him to finish his junior year at home, Lazear, 17, has reclaimed his place in football's hierarchy. More than 20 Division I colleges have offered Lazear scholarships, and he will likely choose between Alabama and Ohio State.
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    Re: Despite Charges, Prep Football Standout Remains Tackle-Eligible

    Of course, it's no different in the corporate world...many Enron execs just below the radar have gotten jobs with other companies who seem to pretend that these people knew nothing about what was going on.

    NOT that I condone this action by the high school is just a residual effect of the culture in today's society...if this person can help us win NOW, we don't care what they did that was bad in the past nor do we care what this person might do in the future.


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