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    Demise of the NBA

    fans shouldnt get involved period. i remember some maple leafs / flyers game where some jackass was leaning over the glass by the penalty box to mess with tie domi. the glass gave way and he ended up in the penalty box with domi, and domi beat the shit out of him. and he deserved it. fans throwing things at players is a disgrace, did you see when the pacers were going off the court, it was like a damn waterfall of stuff flowing down on them. the detroit fans acted like complete idiots, i remember last year jimmy kimmel got in trouble for saying that if detroit won the NBA championship theyd burn the town down, well after seeing the way they acted there i dont think thats too far off.
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    Demise of the NBA

    Does anyone know why basketball games are called "cage matches"? It is because they actually used to have to put up a fence of sorts between the players and the fans to keep the fans off of the court...maybe they should bring that back!

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