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    6-KINGS Guest

    Del Rio and PPO (READ!)

    Ok I want everybody to take the time to write a PM to Del Rio and let him know why you want him back on the board, on a daily basis.

    Fellow PPO'rs, it is time for Del Rio to feel the love that is PPO.
    Send him dirty pictures he loves that.
    Write him a poem.
    Sing "I wish I was in Dixie" to him
    I don't care, just let him know you care.

    He is one great, funny guy, who is upfront and knowledgeable about a variety of subjects.

    Because I don't know about you, but I miss Del Rio damn it!


    Your next Cajun..........10,000 posts and then poof................gone.
    What is going on?
    Many others that were here and now vanished.
    Webby any ideas?
    Sure we lost a few games, but we are all still friends........right?

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    Re: Del Rio and PPO (READ!)

    Yah I was wondering whut was up with Del.. He must have some stuff going on.. I'll PM him I spose.. Don't think he would listen to me though.. It would have to be people like Caj, Ultra etc.. Or just have a bunch of ppl let him know he wants to be here

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    Re: Del Rio and PPO (READ!)

    I see Del posting still, and Cajun.....but everyone is a bit quieter right now with the blasted performance of this team!!

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    Re: Del Rio and PPO (READ!)

    I think it is the bye week. See how Cajun planned his trip around a bye week, that is a thinkin man right there.

    It has been slow around PPO since Friday, no Vikes over the weekend, and a Monday holiday, what can you expect.

    The peeps will be back by Wednesday, I am sure.

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    Re: Del Rio and PPO (READ!)

    He'll be back. Not that he ever really left.

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Del Rio and PPO (READ!)

    Yah I spose I see Del on in the mourning alot.. Haven't seen Caj at all though.. It's weird we had 2 chicks just signed in right now.. I thought he woulda been here!

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    6-KINGS Guest

    Re: Del Rio and PPO (READ!)

    I like everybody here.
    But there is this chemistry that works by everybody feeding off each other.

    I guess the formula is just busted right now.

    I understand what Webby is saying about the Vikes playing bad and that plays big in here.

    But before the season we would have this board rocking.
    And most of the time is was not about football.

    Looks like I will get ltrey33 to start stirring the pot with me again.
    Throw in some Tarkenton10, VK4LFE. Stir with some Snow, add a dash of Paul, a pinch of Audio, a splash of Tommy, a little Babe and some CanadianVike.
    Top it off with some Anglo icing.

    That is a recipe for a powerful thread.

    lTREY, man your guns and fire at will!

    That should make for some fun!!

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Del Rio and PPO (READ!)

    It's hunting season. Plus I had a 5 day weekend. Between pregnant wife, my son who misses me so much, coaching, and school. PPO gets no love on the weekends from me.

    If I'm not at work I am probably not posting :grin:

    I took Thursday off because the wife had an ultra sound. I had to coach and lets face it I wanted a 5 day weekend. I shot my antelope on Friday in Wyoming and was making jerky on Saturday.

    I had an art exhibit to go to Saturday evening for school, Sunday I ate some seriously dangerous and delicious nacho's and watched football. I work for the government to I had Monday off. I spent most of it playing with my son and the rest of it developing film in the universities photolab for my masters.

    Basically I am around.

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    Re: Del Rio and PPO (READ!)

    Cajun is remodeling his bathroom (laying on the couch watching somebody else do it).

    I have noticed that Del usually is not here on least he never punched in.

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    6-KINGS Guest

    Re: Del Rio and PPO (READ!)

    Oh no..........he was on Vaaaaaacaaaaaaaation.
    And I have the phots to show what he did.

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