These past two games are giving me flashbacks of how the 2000 season ended, where we lost our last 3 games. The Vikes defense needs to find that intensity that they had over the first 6 games. Kevin Williams and Corey Chavous are the only two players who are keeping that attitude. Williams is getting the only passrush, while Hovan takes on the double-team; and Chavous is the only perimeter player who is defending the pass and the run at all decent. Denard Walker and Brian Russell have been awful the past two weeks, and I even wonder sometimes if our linebackers are even on the field. Ken Irvin and Brian Williams better be the starting CBs next week. Brian Russell and the linebackers have to step up next week against the 1-win Chargers and stay up the rest of the season. I don't want this season to end the same way it ended in 2000.