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    Re: Which Deer Rack Is Best

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    Go to the fan Photo Album then the personal photos of mine.

    Look, drool, and submit vote.
    I looked, I drooled, I voted. #1 (close call between #1 and #4 - blondes rock (or should I say rack!?)

    Is that you as #99, I assume?
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    Del Rio Guest

    Which Deer Rack Is Best

    "DemonicViking" wrote:
    I'll vote for the wifey, she's cute.

    I like to think so. Don't ask me how I lucked out I have no idea and if I had to do it again I'm not dure I could.

    Shock I was indeed #99, back in the day. Our team never did anything great on a national level but locally it could hold it's own. I got a scholorship out of Clearfield High, I led my highschool team in sacks, tackles, and sadly enough penalties Damn face masks

    I also played offense in high school at the guard position and our guards pulled so it was great fun. The state college approached me with a scholorship offer and I accepted. Day one they wanted my to play LB and I wasn't cut out for it speed wise. So I played as an undersized lineman. I red shirted my first year, and started the rest.

    It was the funnest time I have ever had in my life, there's nothing like being a part of a team. My senior year a guy on my team nicknamed "Mucho Grande," or Mooch for short got hit and rolled up the back of my leg while I was being double teamed. So you have a good 500lbs pushing on your front and a guy names after a burrito rolling up my back he weighed a good 325 and pop. Leg snapped.

    Luckily for me it was the last game of the year. I saw scouts from the NFL not visiting me personally but they were around. I have no delusion that I would have made the NFL if I was healthy too slow too small, and really I lacked the talent. In fact I had no intention of even trying. Now I help coach at Clearfield High. I am a DT coach during the summer and fall.

    But It was definatley better days.

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