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    Deer hunting opener in Minnesota

    Didn't see a thread for this yet..but if there is I'm sure I'll here about it.

    I went deer hunting this weekend in Lake George, MN which is about 20 miles south of Bemidgi? MN. I am a native Minnesotan but I now reside in tha state of Cheese so I get soaked for 130 BUCKS..pun intended...and 60 BUCKS get it? BUCK...onward....for a bonus tag. The zone I hunt in is a "either or" meaning that I can take either a BUCK or a doe...but if I was to shoot a doe right away I would have to either buy an additional tag at 60 BUCKS....or be done for the year...unless one of the guys from Minnesota gave me one of there bonus tags....either way....the State makes there money on us out of staters...For the record...Wisconsin charges 160....BUCKS.....for a non resident deer hunting licence.
    Soooo...of course I saw a shit load of does....and a little spiker...but my dog was bigger than the spiker so I elected to let him 3:45 pm on Saturday I saw the biggest buck I have ever seen in least 8 points..but I'm pretty sure it was bigger...but...I hunt on Priv land...and my stand is right off of the road...facing south...just behind me is a state game you or I (me in this case) can't shoot anything from the middle of the road on back torwards the this buck..big buck..comes out of the refuge...directly behind my stand and jumps the fence..which is about 30 yards from my stand.....he walks up to the road....stops..looks both ways and darts BACK inot the refuge...never to be seen least by me. A couple of the guys were giving me shit saying that I should have shot it anyway...but I'm not like that...the guy that owns the land has let our group hunt his land for 26 years and I would hate to get him into hot water...
    Anyway....I could have shot a doe this morning saw 7 of them just this they(NOT ALL 7) stood 10 feet from my stand but I didn't take one.
    We're going back up next anything I see will be done..hopefully...if it's brown it's down...or something like that...

    That's my story...I just got home and was seeing what everyone was saying about the game...and I didn't see a thread on here goes..I don't start many threads...but I'm still kinda jacked up from driving for 4 hours.

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    Re: Deer hunting opener in Minnesota

    Good call on not plugging the buck. You'll get an opportunity next weekend. I'm glad out-of-staters get charged more, especially cheeseheads...even if you are a Vike fan living in enemy territory.

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    Re: Deer hunting opener in Minnesota

    I wish you good luck throughout the season Bleedpurple!...our season up here started on Sept. 10th (4 point bucks)...then went to 2 point on Oct. 1st 'til Oct. 31st. I was lucky to get a buck this year (my 2nd one in two years, 3rd overall) It in fact was a spiker, (170 pounds dressed) but I took it anyway because I love the meat and I don't get to got out too often. Made a fantastic rolled roast out of the heart which my buddy and I ate right in camp! It was great! I really enjoy deer hunting...I don't always get one, but I so beautiful around year you can never get enough of it!

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    Re: Deer hunting opener in Minnesota

    I don't deer hunt of course most girls don't, but I love to eat it, man venison jerkey that's some good stuff!

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    Re: Deer hunting opener in Minnesota

    "WBLVikeBabe" wrote:
    ...but I love to eat it, man venison jerkey that's some good stuff!

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    Re: Deer hunting opener in Minnesota

    I did not get my buck yet, hunted till Monday and had to come back to work. I am going hunting again the weekend after next.

    I saw 5 does, a 3 fawns and a for but I am trying to only shooting big bucks (8 points or bigger).

    We usually fill out by Saturday of the opening weekend (last year we had 13 for 11 guys by 2:00 on Saturday), and we could have! But I have convinced some of my hunting party that we have to stop shooting small bucks, and that we do not have to shoot the first deer that walks into range. So far we have 8 deer for 11 guys, and 4 are good bucks (and 4 good size does)! The biggest was a good sized 10 point in the 225lb range. We had 2 eights, and my nephew shoot a 6 (I told a story about him in another thread).

    My brother says he saw the biggest deer he has ever seen (he has shoot a 21 point non-typical that is boone and crocket class, and a 14 point buck that was also boone and crocket class), so I believe him! He said he could see it about 70 yards out in the brush, and that it was moving around and he would get a glimpses of the rack and then see the outline of the body, but he never got a clean shot. He was waiting for it to come closer, but it never did! I am hunting his stand when I go back up in 2 weeks!

    We had a thread about large deer size (weight not horns), so I brought it up when we were sitting around the camp fire. The heaviest body weight was a 14 point buck that a friend Jerry shot, it weighed 283lbs field dressed. The second heaviest that any body could remeber was 274lbs, and we have had 2 over 260lbs!

    Del, we hunt the northern woods of Minnesota. These are not corn feed deer like in the southern part of the state, they are northern swamp bucks that are very tough to hunt!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Deer hunting opener in Minnesota

    Ummmm....venison roast!!!

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    Re: Deer hunting opener in Minnesota

    post some pics of your kills.

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