"MaxVike" wrote:
"sodaknick" wrote:
I've never seen the show but I live right by the town.
Was just out there this summer.
I was born in Sioux Falls, moved to Sidney, NE in 5th grade, graduated HS there, then went to USD.....many years ago
The Black Hills are a gem, love going there.
It's a great place to live I would think; so, we are looking at buying some land, last affordable place seemingly in the US.

The show is great, we missed a few episodes, so we bought the Season DVDs...highly recommend, just not for kids.
I grew up in a little town near Huron but went to South Dakota School of Mines out in Rapid City.
I dont get back to SD as much as I would like, and when I do my folks are kind of bummed if I dont come home, so I dont get out to the Black Hills as much anymore, but I too love that place.