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    Daunte does it again

    Wow! Even with two interceptions Daunte is named NFC player of the week for a third time in five weeks. I know it is week six but we have only played five games. Pretty impressive. Even with two interceptions I guess when you get over 600 total offensive yards the two picks don't matter. Pretty cool if he can continue on this pace who needs our defesnse to step it up..j/k! This is pretty exciting to be a part of if he keeps this pace he will shatter many a record this year.

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    Daunte does it again

    If he continues the way he has been playing he will break Dan Marino's season yardage and touchdown records. However I think we all want Daunte's to have a different outcome with perhaps a ring?? (Since Marino never got one) <<<<annoyingly jabs elbow into everyones shoulder "eh eh did you get it?? lol
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