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    The darnest thing

    You guys may not believe this, but a Packer fan flying to GRB came to my gate partners's podium (she's working the GRB flight) and we ended up having an intelligent conversation on football. So yes, there are really cool Packer fans out there. He was REALLY excited about getting back to GB because he hasn't been there in 23 years (he lives in the Dallas area). And I had to rub in the big win the Vikes had against the Pack in Week One but he was cool about it.

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    The darnest thing

    MC's run away when I kick it
    They act so chicken, they should come with a large drink and a biscuit

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    The darnest thing

    Protect our future...Keep your kids out of the reach of any Green Bay Packers.

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    The darnest thing

    Dutch people love the vikings too.

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