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    Dan Cole

    What is everybody's thoughts on "The Common Man" Dan Cole? My assumption is a good chunk of the members on here lives in the good ole state of Minnesota so what is everybody's thoughts on him? I personally think he's somethimes kind of a "yes-man" on the radio and I really loathe some of the "bits". I also really have no idea what "box" means although it is mentioned almost every program without any kind of explanation (although I have an inkling that it means to "box-in ones argument") as a sound bit. I think without Mark Rosen the show would never delve into a sports discussion show (although he jokes about this all the time and went on some kind of tirade on one show this one time about how his fan base's whole live is nothing but sports) and would be much-ado-about nothing radio show about his mediocre golf game and how he should run the Minnesota Twins organization because he, luckily, successfully guessed how a few events during the course of the regular season that were eventually going to correctly pan out.

    I oftentimes, as hard as it is to admit, find myself nonetheless tuned into his program on my commute to work in the afternoon. He does offer quite a bit of fan participation to his show that a lot of listeners seem to enjoy. I don't think it's my kind of show but I was wondering if there are any KFAN listeners on here. Paul Allen IMO does have a better radio program but the obvious bias of course is his Vikings content/expertise is the reason for my sway.

    I dunno. Dan can be entertaining but he doesn't seem like he's grown up. His show just seems too disorganized, even for a show that's supposedly making fun of itself for being disorganized. Nonetheless, maybe that's what's so appealing about his show: it isn't trying to be appealing. I guess I'm kinda on the fence. I'll be honest I can only tune into it for a little while before I'm just like "yeah, okay..."

    Thoughts? :blink:

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    Re: Dan Cole


    I used to hate this show and now find myself in the same camp as you. It's OK. Some bits are kind of funny, some not so much. The whole show is basically one big series of bits put together to eat up a few hours. Not my favorite "progrum", yet I still listen regularly.

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    Re: Dan Cole

    I can't stand Common.


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: Dan Cole

    He's a lions fan, so he refers to the vikes as your team. He's fine, i only get 1 of his 3 hours, there's a local show on here noon-2.

    I think 'box' means to be up on a soap box.

    I enjoy 'pa' in the mornings, but he uses big words that just don't work in sports talk radio, and he goes on and on about the fact he's from DC. I wish he and many others would ask questions, not ask then give them options for an answer, almost like a multiple choice. Oh, and he incorporates too much old school r and b for my taste, it's his favorite.
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    Re: Dan Cole

    I don't really like him... I tend to listen to other radio shows when his program comes on. There are occasional funny bits but for the most part his complete lack of any organization or planning in his show eventually wears on me.

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