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Thread: Curt Gowdy dies

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    Curt Gowdy dies

    (CBS4) BOSTON Former Red Sox and NBC television broadcaster Curt Gowdy died at his home in Florida Monday, after a long battle with leukemia. He was 86 years old.

    Gowdy's family was with him at the time of his death.

    He was the radio voice of the Red Sox from 1951 to 1965. That time included his famous call of Ted Williams' final home run in his final at-bat at the end of the 1960 season.

    Gowdy left the Red Sox to join NBC Sports, where he was the network's lead television broadcaster for it's baseball game of the week. From 1966 to 1975, he called the play-by-play for every World Series and All-Star game for NBC.

    In his long career, he also announced Super Bowls, NCAA basketball championships and the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal.

    He also spent two decades as the host of "The American Sportsman". He was honored in his native Wyoming in 1971 when Curt Gowdy State Park was established in Cheyenne.

    Gowdy was named National Sportscaster of the Year three times.

    He was presented the Baseball Hall of Fame's Ford C. Frick Award in 1984. It's given each year to a broadcaster for major contributions to baseball.

    I remember him most for his "American Sportsman" TV show. I got to hunt one day with him, Phil Harris and "Lum" of "Lum and Abner" many years ago.
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    Re: Curt Gowdy dies

    May he rest in peace..

    He was for sure, one hell of an anouncer. I enjoyed listening to him for years....Being in CT. and getting all the Red Sox games on TV., I used to see and listen to him alot...

    Class Act, all the way....


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    Re: Curt Gowdy dies


    that sucks. but he was old and he lived a fulll life.

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: Curt Gowdy dies

    yeah i saw this on tv this morning. sad news indeed.
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