"Del" wrote:
Two things I have to eat crow on.

#1 I guaranteed Ned that the NFL would fine for the hit on Trent Green, they will not.

The NFL concluded that Geathers was indeed blocked from behind and the Bengals defensive end even twisted his torso to avoid helmet-to-helmet contact.

"I couldn't have done anything different," Geathers said Wednesday, choosing his words carefully and sparingly.

A source close to Geathers told ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli that the defensive end was prepared to appeal a fine, had one been forthcoming.

Anderson said quarterbacks who want to take advantage of the protection of a slide must start it before the prospect of imminent contact.

I was way off.

#2 Is still in the air IMO, but I said in a nutshell to DCPOLOGIRL that Randy Moss would make Aaron Brooks put up Daunte Culpepper #'s. Well He has time to come around but with that line I am thinking it is never going to happen so I was really fooking wrong on that one.

That is all proceed.
I will share the Crow with you for # 1. I still think there should have been a fine!

As for #2 : I hope people don't apply " jaded bitter angels " to everything you do here, but Brooks? You may want to keep a little crow on hand just in case.