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Thread: coward pitcher!

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    Re: coward pitcher!

    "Williamson8211" wrote:
    Ya, thats hilarious do u know who that batter is?? Ill remember his stance forever thats Tony Batista from the Baltimore Oriles and Montreal Expos!!
    Hes was supposed to be really good and the answer when Cal retired but he did drugs and he is now in Japan.
    He played for the Blue Jays for a while - he was even an All-Star one year when he played third base - he hit 30 home runs or something - you can tell by his super weird batting stance!

    Thanks PPE for the sig.

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    Re: coward pitcher!

    That clip was like watching robots playing baseball.. I didn't see the pitcher after he beamed the batter until after the guy got to first base.. flew like a bat outta hell.. but at least he had a sense of humor about it.

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    Re: coward pitcher!

    yup i would do the same thing

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    Re: coward pitcher!

    Oh Helllll No. I would stand up to Mike Tyson on national TV if I had too. I might get my asss beat real good but at least I score some hot chicks later.

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