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    Couple Tie Knot in 'Moving' Ceremony

    BIG SKY, Mont. - Matt Dodd and Ashley Hegseth had a particularly moving experience when they got married at Big Sky Resort. The couple exchanged vows Sunday while he skied and she snowboarded on Lone Mountain, with a clergyman officiating and about 30 guests on the slope to watch.

    Because the bride is a snowboard instructor, her guests rode snowboards. The bridegroom is a ski instructor, and his guests were on skis. The Rev. Mike Boucher skied backward to face the crowd, wore a helmet camera during the ceremony and had a ski-mounted lectern that housed a public-address system.

    Dodd and Hegseth had struggled with planning a wedding. The decision to tie the knot on a ski slope emerged after an exasperating debate about two weeks ago.

    "I sort of went back and forth on the idea," Hegseth said. "I don't want it to be a joke necessarily, but at the same time neither of us have been the kind of people to take things too seriously."

    Dodd wore a black ski jacket and pants, and Hegseth a white ski suit plus a skirt. She also wore a veil.

    "Matt has some farfetched ideas that always sound a bit foolish at first to me, but the way he brings these together ... they always seem to work out in the end," said Boucher, a ski instructor who has known the couple for about four years.

    A resort reception followed the wedding. Hegseth said a ceremony along traditional lines is planned for July in California.

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    Re: Couple Tie Knot in 'Moving' Ceremony

    Were they going down the double black diamonds during the ceremony...if so, I am especially impressed at the Rev for his yeoman's job skiing backwards!

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