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    Councilman wants birth control for pigeons

    NEW YORK - A councilman has a unique solution to reducing the pigeon population at the Staten Island ferry terminals: Put them on birth control.

    Councilman James Odd says OvoControl-P, a drug that renders pigeon eggs unhatchable, could help to thin out the pesky birds and thus the droppings they leave behind inside the terminals where they like to nest.

    Oddo says the drug — which would be mixed into standard seed — has not yet been approved for pigeons by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. A similar product meant for geese was given the OK last month.

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    Re: Councilman wants birth control for pigeons

    it kinda sounds like a waste of taxpayers money.

    bring out the birdshot, that'll get em.


    VikesFan787, Thanks for the awesome sig!

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