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    Could you do this?

    Personally, I don't own a cell phone and don't want one...but apparently there are some people who find it traumatic to live without theirs.

    [size=12pt]Comedian makes New Year's vow to ditch her cell phone - & blog about it [/size]
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    Re: Could you do this?

    They really come in handy

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    Re: Could you do this?

    Several of my freinds only have a cell phone because of there schedule. They are home pretty much for Dinner and sleep. So it does not pay for them to have a home phone. And since they are in and out of their office all of the time it is by far the best way to get ahold of them. We have Kids and I cannot see not having one especially with our work schedules. We don't use them alot but it has been more than needed to warrent having one.

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