"PurpleMafia" wrote:
Wow, a 4 game winning streak and all the opinions change. That is ridiculous. I still stand by what I have been saying all along. I don't like Coach Childress. I don't think that he manages the game well, I don't think he utilizes his playmakers, and I don't think he surrounded himself with a good staff (except for Frazier). Will he lead us to the playoffs this year? Most likely, but don't forget last year folks. We had it in the bag, remember? Until it is clinched, I don't think we should be celebrating. We face two very tough opponents in our upcoming schedule, and the Bears can very easily finish 2-0 versus the Packers and Texans. He traded our franchise QB, drafted a dud to replace him, and I am worried that the past few games will give him 100% confidence in Tarvaris again. Do I think Brad Childress should be fired at this point in the season? No, and who would? But do I think he is the one that will lead us to that Lombardi Trophy? Not a chance in the world. There are much more qualified candidates out there for the job, and I'm sick of watching this guy waste our talent. Maybe I am wrong, and we will finish the season well. Maybe even have a nice showing in the playoffs. But for some reason, I always expect the worst. I'm afraid that he will blow it, and we will be back to the drawing board. Sorry for the rant, but I just hate people jumping ship after a couple wins. I still stand by what I have been saying all along, for the same reasons. 4 games ago you could count all the Childress supporters on one hand. Now look at this place. Unbelievable. Whether you are for the guy, or against him, I really don't care, but give reasons as to why. Instead of going with what everyone else says, because the team wins a few games, or even loses a few games. How many of you would be saying the exact same things about the guy if we go 0-2 and miss the playoffs? For some reason I think that things would be back to the way they were 4 games ago.
Paragraphs my friend.
Paragraphs........ ;D

Barring that, it appears you have all the cliche's covered in there though.