WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. - A woman bitter over her divorce asked her ex-husband's girlfriend to try to kill him by spiking his drink with cocaine, state police said.

Patricia A. Reiman knew her ex-husband, David, had a heart condition and believed spiking his drink with cocaine would cause "his heart to possibly explode and kill him," state Trooper Brad Eisenhower said.

The girlfriend, Anna Anae, told David Reiman of her conversations with his former wife and was cooperating with police.

Patricia Reiman allegedly gave the drug to Anae on Monday, police said.

On Tuesday, Anae called Patricia Reiman and said she had put the cocaine in David Reiman's coffee and that he was dead, Eisenhower said. The conversation was recorded, but police declined to describe Patricia Reiman's reaction to the false information.

Reiman, 42, was charged Tuesday with criminal solicitation to commit murder, criminal solicitation to commit aggravated assault, possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession of cocaine. She was bitter over the divorce initiated by her ex-husband, police said.

She was being held in the county prison without bail. It wasn't clear if she had an attorney.

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