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    Coolest thing I've ever seen last night

    I was dispatched to assist ATF with removing of a bomb from a house this morning. Apparently some nut was going to go on a killing rampage and blow up an abortion clinic in the adjacent city. This whole incident was thwarted by a good hard working state trooper who arrested the idiot and found a gun in his car. The idiot at the station gave a statement of his future intentions and advised the trooper he had a bomb in his house. I responded and of course was sent to the outer perimeter for traffic control and to help the evacuation of the homeowners who unfortunately lived next to the idiot. We got the idiots family out of his house and ATF sent the robot in to grab the idiots device. Where the bomb was located made it impossible for the robot to get it. So guess what....ATF protocal is to detonate the bomb inside the nutjobs house in this scenario. I've never seen a house explode before but wow, what an experience.

    Summary : The idiot gets arrested and will do Fed time. The idiots devious evil plan is halted. Innocent people doing nothing wrong or illegal in this state are unharmed...and to top it off the idiots house explodes. I love it when our judicial system actully works from time to time.

    Article below

    Bomb Ignites Small Fire in Riverdale Home

    By Debbi Wilgoren and Hamil R. Harris
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Thursday, June 8, 2006; 5:30 PM

    A Forestville man accused of making a pipebomb that damaged a house in the Riverdale area this morning planned to use it to attack an abortion clinic, federal authorities said today.

    According to an affidavit by federal agents, Robert F. Weiler, Jr. told them that he planned to blow up the clinic at 9515 Greenbelt Rd. in Greenbelt and to shoot doctors who provided abortions.

    Weiler, 25, of 3203 Maygreen Ave., Forestville, surrendered to police early this morning at a rest stop in Alleghany County in Western Maryland. Police said they found a loaded .40 caliber pistol in his car.

    The affidavit says he told agents that the pipebomb was in a house in the 5700 of 67th Avenue in the Riverdale area.

    Bomb technicians from the Prince George's County fire department used a remote device to detonate the bomb early this morning, a spokesman for the agency said. The resulting explosion blew out the windows of the house and ignited clothing inside the closet, a blaze that firefighters quickly extinguished.

    The house and others nearby had been evacuated, fire department spokesman Mark Brady said. Nobody was injured.

    Mike Campbell, a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said the layout of the house made it impossible to use a robot to disarm the bomb. Instead, authorities sent a bomb technician inside the home to set a charger, then detonated the device remotely about 3:30 a.m.

    Neighbor Shirley Wiser said she heard the explosion from her bedroom, but never thought it might be a bomb.

    "I can't believe this," Wiser said this morning. "I heard a noise when I was sleeping, but I thought it was just thunder."

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    Re: Coolest thing I've ever seen last night

    That's amazing enl...I bet that was cool to see.

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    Re: Coolest thing I've ever seen last night

    Wow, that musta been crazy. The best part of the story though is that his official name was "The Idiot", I love it.

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    Re: Coolest thing I've ever seen last night

    ive seen a few explosions in m,y day but nothing as big as a house. woulda loved to been there
    woo out
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    Re: Coolest thing I've ever seen last night

    haha im still waiting to see my first explosion, well ive done the regular works bombs and such butnothin huge
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    Re: Coolest thing I've ever seen last night

    Oh, the stories i could tell you when I was young and stupid......And I mean really stupid.........Scares on my hands to prove it.....

    Better him than the clinic, thats for sure...


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