"Marrdro" wrote:
"singersp" wrote:
"El" wrote:
Talkin seriously the contest would be clear for singer.

Singer has been a member for 1250 days,an got 40.000,averaging 32 posts/day
Marrdro ,I think he is a ppo er since Spet 2006 and got 22.000 ,averaging 24,5 posts/day,that saying WW doesn´t allow him to post at home ,could be 27 -28 but no more.

So singer is the real whore,in fact he has a plaque which recognizes it
Which is why I can spot one a mile away. Besides, many of my post are for the sole purpose of bringing PP.O the news.


Marr didn't post much his first year.

How quickly did he get his last 10K?

Don't go mucking with stats my friend.
If one were to look at the posts per day on this site, one would see that my post count isn't that much per day.

Are those the stats that have you a member since 1970?