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    Coming soon to your Cell Phone - Free over the air TV

    Millions of consumers by year's end should be able to watch free, over-the-air television on cellphones, PDAs and other portable digital devices as the result of initiatives that will be unveiled today by some of the nation's largest TV station owners and electronics manufacturers.

    The changes promoting on-the-go viewing are "quite significant," says John Eck, president of the NBC TV Network and Media Works. "If we play it right, it can be a compelling service," for example, by offering local news, which normally isn't available from cellphone video services.
    I'll go for this when I can get all the Vikings and Gophers games on my cell phone.
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    Re: Coming soon to your Cell Phone - Free over the air TV

    Not on my POS Motorola Razr it's not...

    Cool idea though.
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