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Thread: College Majors

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    Re: College Majors

    I'm a sophomore at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. I'm majoring in Chemistry and I'm in the Pre-Pharmacy program.
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    Re: College Majors

    "Vikez4Lyfe" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "Vikez4Lyfe" wrote:
    Im a senior in high skool so I have to start thinking about that soon.. My skool counceler got mad that I havent thought anything about college yet..
    Maybe you could take the test to get in like Method Man and Redman and ace it and get recruited to Harvard and major in in that movie, Get High!!! :lol:


    I figure if I study high... Take the test high.. Get High scores :lol:

    But im looking for a college and whut im gonna study.. But can't really find anything for me.. I don't get the best grades (C's with a few B's mixed in) and im incredably lazy

    Given your interests, there's a really obvious choice: botany. If all the chemistry of it seems too dry, make it socially relevent: ethnobotany.

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