Dilbert made the regular cubicle a symbol of the oppressed, this thing is pure torture (especially for a six foot, two hundred fifty pounder like me).


[img width=450 height=436]http://dvice.com/assets_c/2009/08/Coffee-Mug-Cubicle-by-Lucas-Vieira-thumb-550x533-22676.jpg[/img]

Brazilian designer Lucas Vieira isn't doing the common drone any favors. By cutting some corners on your average cubicle (which stack quite nicely in a grid, I might add), he's come up with a workspace the shape of a coffee mug. Called the Coffee Office Workstation, the compact space features a touchscreen computer, space for your laptop and a spot for coffee (you know, in a regular-sized mug). There's also what appears to be either a speaker system or an air conditioner toward the rear of the space.
[img width=450 height=388]http://dvice.com/assets_c/2009/08/Coffee-Mug-Cubicle-2-thumb-550x475-22677.jpg[/img]