Chrysler is jumping in with both feet playing catch up to GMC.
I like a lot of their concepts, a little more practical for day to day living, just have a few questions:

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The Dodge Boys are getting frustrated. While GM basks in all the accolades (and brickbats) for its Chevy Volt, Chrysler races to catch up, and now rolls out three prototypes of its own electric vehicles (EV) — a conventional-looking Jeep and minivan, and then its own Tesla copy, the Dodge EV. They're different from the Volt, though, because these babies don't burn a drop of gasoline at all.
I love the concepts, especially the sports car. Not too sure about the raised letter advertising on the minivan. The Jeep will offer some new challenges, in the outback where do you plug it in? Will it survive the things people think up to challenge their "invincible Jeeps"? We still have an infrastructure problem, I can just see someone pulling into a Shell station and asking to plugin their car for a half an hour or so.