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    Christians and atheists Face Off!!

    Good Read

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    Re: Christians and atheists Face Off!!

    Rumor has it the whole thing was called off
    when a bolt of lightning struck one of the atheists dead.

    coincidence? I think not.

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    Re: Christians and atheists Face Off!!

    True Story. We were sitting in church a few years ago. The pastor said "Some people don't belive in God..." No sooner had he said that that lightning hit the church and knocked the power out.

    I consider myself a "Semi_christian" I belive in God. ect, ect. I know people wh are aathiests. And it honsetly does not bother me. I really could care less what you belive. I don't think its my job to make somebody else believe in something different. The only problem is when I have people try to force their belifs on me.

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    Re: Christians and atheists Face Off!!

    How do you know God is real

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    Re: Christians and atheists Face Off!!

    Faith, by definition, cannot be proven by empirical data.
    THAT is the point that the atheists miss.
    "Taking it on faith" means that you belief in the absence of physical proof.
    Not knocking their non-belief mind you, but they will probably never get proof...and if they did, it wouldn't be faith, it would be fact...two concepts that are diametrically opposite.

    I personally don't believe that ANY religious systems (not even the one that I was raised in) have it totally correct...the truth lies somewhere in between.
    Therefore, the ONLY way that the divergent religions would EVER get along would be to find the common ground and focus on that, throwing ALL of the differences out of the window.
    Of course, that would require ALL religions to admit that they weren't totally right...a concept that flies in the face of their existence.
    It seems that each religion is firmly rooted in the belief that their belief system is the superior religion...and that is both the attraction to its adherants as well as the turnoff to its detractors.
    Without consensus, the differing religions will NEVER truly get along....the differences will always get in the way.

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    Re: Christians and atheists Face Off!!

    Preach on brotha Caj

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    Re: Christians and atheists Face Off!!

    "BadlandsViking" wrote:
    How do you know God is real
    This is how I know:

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    Re: Christians and atheists Face Off!!

    the aspect of faith is the understanding of a belief and accepting it as trueth.

    religion = a guideline or set of rulez that define a belief system and a common trueth to apply faith.

    modern day religion = a gret way to control society - swing political views - ollllld time mafia - a great way to justify a war/killing/violence.

    i believe we all have had at times our beliefs changed, solidified.. ect ect..
    whatever those beliefs are there is one common trueth.. we each see the trueth with our own eyes.. it will never be the exact same as someone else.. similiar yes.. identical.. no..

    this is the reason behiend religion.. to help build on common trueths.. the problems arise when man starts changing it's language or it's common trueths to match their own ends..

    one ofm y class's in theology we had to discuss the differences in 2 dif translations of the english version of the bible.
    can't remember atm which verse it was atm..

    "he who walks in the light of god,
    is a part of god"
    "he who walks with god, is one with god"
    and in the greek is was
    "he who walks in the light of god, walks as god"

    after an hour discussion were atheists tried to hammer away at the christians.. i rose one question.
    "if trueth is different for us all, then.. everyone is right.. and in the end it's the belief that you have that you are right,
    that is the basis of your faith.. so there is no wrong"

    the christians kids actually argued with me more then the athiests..



    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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