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Thread: chicago bears

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    chicago bears

    ok its only pre season, and with the bears 13-10 win aginst the rams, i was thinking mabye the bears are better then every one is thinking they are. a win in pre season doesnt mean any thing but when the bears win aginst a team(rams) that is looking to take the div from the seahawks. mabye the bears are back to take the pack out of the pic, and mabye get a winning season. it is still way early in the football year and one thing is for sure, the bears will have 2 L's when they play the vikings
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    chicago bears

    no, bears=bad.

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    chicago bears

    They won't be beating the Packers this year. Maybe once Favre retires they will.

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    chicago bears

    i hate the bears and i really hope they suck this year, but nobody can look past them. some things to think about with the bears.

    first off, new coaches. lovie smith has his work cut out for him but the bears defense was already a pretty good unit before he came on board and under him they should improve. they will still give up some big plays, but they will keep the team in most games. also their new off. coordinator, terry shea had a winning system in kansas city. he also had more talent there than chicago but if there is anybody that can guide rex grossman through the complex new offensive schemes it is shea. also, i have heard a lot of people say thomas jones was a bad pickup for the bears. yeah he hasn't done much but in chicago's new system he will be doing a lot of different things including catching a lot of passes which he has shown he can do. i think the problem for jones has been the system he plays in, neither arizona or tampa bay were suited to his skills. chicago looks better for him.

    as far as their final record, who cares? the bears could go 3-13 but pull off one major upset against the vikings or packers that ends up making a difference in who wins the division. and since it probably won't take that many wins to get the nfc north title, every divisional game will be critical.

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