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    Re: Cheeseheads are Nazis!!!!

    yea, i am with you, i can understand why he's doing it since he was there, and served under the man behind it all, but blatantly ignoring the facts of what happened is just plain dumb

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    Re: Cheeseheads are Nazis!!!!

    Er.. I'm all for taking the piss outta Packers fans, but calling them Nazis?

    Something tells me this thread needs to be locked; FAST.

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    Re: Cheeseheads are Nazis!!!!

    He'll be dead soon...and his kids will tear the thing down!

    No one except those who already adhere to his type of thinking will take this guy seriously...if it becomes a problem, we will just sic Bdubya on him! :lol:

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    Re: Cheeseheads are Nazis!!!!

    many people see things diffrently Ex. my fathers father was in the waffen ss and said that the jewish culture ingermany had over a year to leave peacefully (which has been found true) which the true hatred for the jewish culture in germany comes from WW1 when the germans surrenderd they found that the jewish culture did not help what so ever and crashed the economy (which struck in 1917) thus when hitler returned from the war (as a hero) he was mad that this culture ruined their chances at the war (this same hatred could be resemballed in such ways as hatrede twoards mexicans) and on my mothers side (jewish) her great aunt fled germany within the year that germany let them peacefully leave kind of how we are now cracking down on mexicans in america. Hitler was evil but must we forget that stalin with in the same time killed over 11 million russian jews? yet he got away with it because he won kinda sick huh?
    bottomline - the germans as a people where fed up with all the stuff the jewish population was doing to their nation and decided to put an end to it (and since we all know how strange and cold the germans can be they formulated the finial solution) (which Himmler had more command over that than hitler did) im not a racist im acctualy half jewish and am very mad at the actions germany made. Also i love how thing change. my mother has an old text book that listed all the people killed and im wondering how it went from 4 million to 5 million to 6 million?
    ~ food for thought ~
    a champion is one who gets up even when he cant

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