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    Check this out

    I met these guys in Tonga. They're 28 year old guys who quit their IT jobs to buy a sailboat and sail around the world. They have a website with blogs, pictures, movies, etc.
    ANYWAYS, they just got arrested by the Australian Customs Dept. for not giving a 96 hour notice of their arrival, even though the world sailing guide says 3 hours. They've had a pretty rough time there and have been hit with some hefty fines.
    On their site under "Drinks" you can donate any amount of money and tell them what they have to buy and drink, except urine. They bought 300 draft beers one night while here, but could probably use some beer money after the Aussies took a huge bite out of their....wallets.
    If not, check out their site anyways.

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    Re: Check this out

    Great trip!
    I'm planning on doing that when I retire.

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