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    CCTV Footage Shows Woman's Violent Arrest

    [size=10pt]Raw: CCTV Footage Shows Woman's Violent Arrest[/size]

    Britain's police complaints watchdog has launched an investigation into allegations that a South Yorkshire police officer punched a 19-year-old woman.

    CCTV footage showing the police officer repeatedly punching Toni Comer was obtained by the Guardian newspaper and shown on BBC 2's Newsnight programme.

    This afternoon, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has confirmed that it will be conducting an investigation into the incident, which took place outside a Sheffield nightclub last July.

    Officers were called to the city's Niche nightclub after Ms Comer vandalised a car having been previously ejected from the club.

    The footage shows Ms Comer and a police officer rolling from a fire escape down a flight of stairs, before appearing to show the officer striking her five times.

    PC Anthony Mulhall, the officer at the centre of the allegations, claims that Ms Comer had become violent during the arrest. He has since been suspended from public duty.

    "As her hands became free she tried to grab handfuls of my genitals and knee and kick me in the same place," the policeman said in a statement broadcast by Newsnight.

    "At this point, I struck her as hard as I was physically able with my right fist in an attempt to subdue her. There was no apparent effect so I did this twice more," he explained, adding that she had continued to resist being handcuffed, leading him to subsequently use what he described as "brute force" to "deaden her arm".

    Ms Comer, an epileptic, says that she remembers nothing about the incident, but believes she may have had a fit which caused her to thrash around.

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    Re: CCTV Footage Shows Woman's Violent Arrest


    That's Awful

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    Re: CCTV Footage Shows Woman's Violent Arrest

    that "woman" sure doesn't sound like a "woman"

    she sounds more like my trucker friends

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