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    Re: catch the f#$%$@#$ cop killers!

    you are correct ned. how is the business going? good luck and skol vikings!
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    Re: catch the f#$%$@#$ cop killers!

    "zimtwister" wrote:
    i cant beleive how bad this world is getting, i understand that when the population goes up, the amount of punky thugs go up but it seems to be way out of hand. they glorify violence and dont you dare to "disrespect" them cause they will shoot you! by the way how many of these thugs applied for the proper permit to carry their guns? i am sick of it and the next time i see one of my friends acting "thuggy" i will say "not cool man, grow up" :!:
    Are you seriously crying about a couple of cops getting killed when we have real american heros dying everyday in the war on terror? don't get me wrong i'm not condoning these cops getting killed and i feel sorry for the families but this stuff happens everyday and has been for a while. by the way isn't this a football forum?

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    Re: catch the f#$%$@#$ cop killers!

    Hey, dont wanna hear it man.

    I'm living here in Tampa, FL now and seriously: Over 80% of the episodes on the show "COPS" are filmed here "ON LOCATION". Enough said.

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    Re: catch the f#$%$@#$ cop killers!

    OK, talking about cops getting killed and then saying it's nothing compared to our soldiers dying every day is not right. Someone being killed is someone being killed, no matter how you look at it. One is not worse or better than the other. I'm going to lock this thread.
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