As I'll be in the Twin Cities for three days around the Vikes home opener, I'm always looking for a little gambling action. Around here, there are three Indiana riverboat casinos within 40 minutes-90 minutes of my house. I personally favor blackjack, but occasionally may play a few other games or the slots.

I've been to Mystic Lake Casino once several years ago, and it looks like they pretty much have slots, blackjack, and bingo. Now I see where Canterbury Park has a Card Club where you can play several types of poker, blackjack, and other card games.

Can anyone tell me about things like the minimum and maximum table limits at blackjack and some of the other games besides poker? If you play poker there, what has your experience been? I don't plan to play with more than about $100, and don't want to lose in in 30 minutes. And what is the deal with the "rake" at the Card Club? Do I correctly understand that you have to pay the house .50 a hand to play blackjack? That is whacked!

Unfortunately, the casino I play at near my house (Argosy) has a minimum bet at the blackjack tables of $10/hand. You can lose a small stake pretty quickly on a bad shoe or two. I'd much rather play at tables with smaller minimum bets ($2-$5) and play longer. Anyone here got any info to share?