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    Can't Have nothing These days!

    So friday my bud gets me the 46" HDTV for me because i was sick in bed, then on saturday I buy another for my room along with a new laptop.

    It lasted 3 days. I get home, someone busted through my basement window, busted my room open, stole EVERYTHING. Even ate my food and drank my sodas as they stole 3 HDTVs 2Laptops 1PS3 1Wii Jewelry money bluetooth controllers games.. all of that from my house. I was gone for 4 hours. The last thing i said to my TV before I left was "I wish you was on a swivel base" now its gone..

    I shall moarn until my money from my insurance claims come in.

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    Re:Can't Have nothing These days!

    Sorry for the loss buddy. Hopefully it gets squared away and you are happy. Time for security system.
    I bet you could use a cool one huh Clark...Now you're talkin Eddie...

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