a few things that might also help.

check your display settings. you are probably running 1024 x 768. try reducing it while playing the game to 800 x 600. this will probably give you a 20% incrase in screen refreshing.

The other suggestions are good ones, make sure that you have nothing running int he bakcground while you are trying the game. There are some test sites that will check to see if you have latency on your line. .

a few questions. do you use a firewall?
one bad thing with windows is that it makes indexing processes very tedious when you have windows on a drive that's larger then say 20 g's. to bad you wern't able to split some partitions.

you can still do it though i'd be very careful without having had experience with doing it. partion magic is a good one. i'd take a back up before u do so though.

good luck.


also. try right clicking on my computer