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Thread: CAINE?

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    Re: CAINE?

    I never came around all the TIME talking trash. I was -at the beginning- more emotional regarding my Packers. Folks in this gated community may have taken my Packer cheers (as colorful as they were) for unacceptable hate towards the Vikings. Not so. I've always -as far as my 25-year-old mind can remember -gave the Vikings props when DESERVED. I did it -if I'm correct -after the win over the giants this past Sunday; I did it have the comeback win over my Packers some weeks ago; I did it last season/1st round of playoffs when Vikings beat my boys. I've never been a hater.
    I think that Caine started to think that just MAYBE, I was kissin' some Viking butt whenever I'd give the team props. But, I wasn't.
    The way I saw it was: Viking fans were giving my packers props when they played good games; why not return the props?
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    Re: CAINE?

    i just remember there was some pot stirring with bono and even if he didnt start it some people just didnt take kindly to him. but sometimes he does have his moments =p

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    Re: CAINE?

    interesting. problems in the force?
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: CAINE?

    He reads more than he posts. He is in and out a lot.

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    Re: CAINE?

    He was just on here Monday posting on the Giants game.

    "Caine" wrote:
    "BigBlue41_0" wrote:
    ill just take solace in the fact that when the giants are in the heart of the playoffs, the vikings will be on the golf course... o wait thats right golf courses arent open in the winter... maybe they can take offseason sex cruises....

    good ridence you beeyatch jiggly butt trick motherfucking pussy jiggly butt fans
    Don't go away mad....

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    Re: CAINE?

    "mnvikes61" wrote:
    "magicci" wrote:
    well bono was a lot different when he first came around so maybe caine still thinks of him like that.
    what like he came around all the time talking trash or what? :???:
    Yeah. I kinda remember his Trash-Talking Period. My arrival occurred just before his Reform Period and about three months before his Cubist Posting Period (at which point his posts became random words taken apart and put together in random order). :lol: However, he may have just been going through a temporary cycle of retaliatory trash-talking brought about by the weeks approaching the Unmentionable Christmas Eve Game.

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    Re: CAINE?

    Bono - you skank, scab and crab infested excuse for a human being go back to the fudgepacker site and quite trolling on this board!!!!! How was that, does that make you feel better, just trying to help out. Let me know if you need some more flea infested dirtbag!!!

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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