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Thread: Buzz Cut Glory

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    Re: Buzz Cut Glory

    We have video on the home page of it...look for Video News on the right side.

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    Re: Buzz Cut Glory

    I never noticed that before webby. lol they even got williamson with the razor.

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    Re: Buzz Cut Glory

    that's pretty funny... traditions, i guess. ragnar is the hair stylist in training camp!

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    Re: Buzz Cut Glory

    I voluntarily agree to not indulge in any alcohol, drugs, or engage in any other illegal activity that may in any way jeopardize the years of hard work we as a team have committed to our goal of a championship season in '76.

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    Re: Buzz Cut Glory

    man that is great, i saw someone got 51 on the back of his head from lance johnstone, did anyone see who that was?????

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