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Thread: Buying Soil

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    Re: Buying Soil

    You don't want to be buying soil in bags. It will be way to expensive. Take yours or a friends pickup, go out to a truck farm and load it up with crappy soil. You don't care if it's clay or what. You just want to fill in space and cover it with plastic.
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    Re: Buying Soil

    "IA" wrote:
    "funkyasflea" wrote:
    I live in South Minneapolis
    Oh, I'm guessing that is on earth. It wont matter then because we will be destroying your planet soon so I would not waste by time puny earthling.
    I swear you martians are as arrogant as Packer fans. Bring it on red ass!
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    Re: Buying Soil

    Cool, thanks for your help guys!!!

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    Re: Buying Soil

    Try Hedbergs... I used to landscape and we purchased a lot of our materials from them.
    I'm betting you could get a pickup load of fill for next to nothing.

    There number is: 763-545-4400

    I know their Plymouth location is pretty nice.
    You just drive in, get weighed on the scale, drive to your dirt, get loaded, head back to the scale, and your out of there.

    I'm sure there are several other companies in the metro area that deal in the same type of business...I just can't remember any other names off hand.

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