"Braddock" wrote:
I agreem being politically correct in a war is stupid. Counter productive. But I can see the point that if we just start annilhilating the insurgents, we'd have to destroy mosque, especially in the beginning of the war, and doing that, while it may seem silly, would cause even more to join the insurgency b/c Muslims are traditionally more protective over their mosques than I would think a Christian to be over a church. That's just my opinion there, let me know if i'm mistaken, but it appears that way to me. Vietnam, we lost that war, the communists didn't win it. In any case, I see your point on doing things more aggressively but if it's too much, then it'll piss more people and other countries off and may lead to worse things. International relations are a big mess and everyone is too sensitive to little things. That's why we're in between a rock and a hard place b/c we can't do what we need to do without some bad backlash.

We have backlash now so what is the difference?

Plus you have a double standard that exists, we humiliate prisoners (which I don't think is right) and we are Satan.
They cut our prisoners head off and cut them into pieces and nobody in the Muslim world stands up and denounces it and tries to bring to just the offenders, but make a guy stand in a corner with a bag over his head or underwear on his head or a human pyramid and the world cries out in protest but not when our soldiers are hacked to pieces.

If a Mosque was being used to house insurgents and to arm and train them then we should have blown them up and told the Islamists to stop doing those things and we won't destroy them.