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    Bush criticizes Bennett

    Says that even he couldn't fumble as badly as Bennett has:

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    Re: Bush criticizes Bennett


    No No!

    Had me going for a second, I was trying to figure out which Bush would be criticizing Bennett.

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    Re: Bush criticizes Bennett

    Ditto. I thought it was Reggie...

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    Re: Bush criticizes Bennett

    lmao, good one.

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    Re: Bush criticizes Bennett

    Booo Politics thread :grin:

    I couldn't believe Bennett said that, what a douche. Anyways....

    The only way I'd be interested is if he were criticizing Michael or Darren Bennett, in which case I'd say "Go Bush!!"

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    Re: Bush criticizes Bennett

    Yes...William Bennett IS a douchebag...and even George W. Bush had to speak against what he said! DOH...wrong Bennett. *slightly pink wink*
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    Re: Bush criticizes Bennett

    I just heard Bennett on the radio.
    He ran through his entire statement.
    As usual the media took parts of his words and statement, shoved them together and created an entirely different meaning than what he intended.
    They just "happened" to leave out the parts of "IF I were to say..." and ".....that would be morally repugnant and unjust"

    Gotta watch the "sources" guys and what their ultimate agendas are.

    This is a great example of the media railroading someone.

    And Bush jumped the gun and spoke before seeing the entire statement and the context it was given in.
    And that quite frankly is the most important aspect of quoting someone.

    Remember I am a publisher.
    I know how "they" can spin words to make a story.

    I wasn't even going to comment when I saw it came from MSNBC.
    In the circle of journalism they are bottom feeders.
    They are called the "Hypers"

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    Re: Bush criticizes Bennett

    Right on 6-Kings,Thats why I love the no spin zone!!
    If winning isn,t everything,why keep score?

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