A Chinese woman suffering from a headache got a surprise when she went to the hospital -- a bullet had been lodged in her head for 64 years

An X-ray revealed the bullet when Jin Guangying, 77, sought care at a Shuyang, China, hospital last month.

Jin lived in Xuzhou, China, during World War II. One afternoon in September 1943, Jin's mother asked her to take food to her father, who was fighting the invading Japanese.

The Japanese army spotted the 13-year-old and opened fire, Jin said. A bullet passed through part of her right ear, and she fell and lost consciousness.

When she woke up, she was back home in bed. Her mother applied herbal medicines to the wound, and she recovered after three months.

Jin later learned that the bullet had gone through another person's arm before hitting her head.

The surgeon who removed the rusty bullet earlier this month said it was remarkable that it had remained in her head for so long without causing major problems.