"purpleFavreEaters" wrote:
I think the way all of ou have commented on what should be done to these kids is a horrible. Granted what they did was hatefull, but they need to be in a clinic of some kind not in prison. They also do not need to be killed themselves or raped or whatever it is all of you feel should happen to them. Prison will do nothing to these kids but make them worse and in ten years, maybe even earlier when they get out they will more than likely be even worse than when they went in. Not to mention the threats they made towrds the children they brought into the home to look at the dog may be put in harm. From what I read , animal abuse is a cry for help. Eventually animal abuse can translate to human abuse without help and instead of giving these kids help they are just throwing them away. I am guessing we will be reading about a murder in ten years, lets cross our fingers however and hope thats not the case...
They can get help in prison.
They may get some help they did not ask for.

But, I bet that's the last time they ever chuck an animal into an oven.