"kspurplepride" wrote:
Lesnar is the real deal... by all means he should be undefeated. Had Mir not turned his head away from Brock as he was swinging, and then whole time out bit... Lesnar would have owned him too. This guy has been dominant in every fight he's been in. Even in defeat this guy made a verteran like Mir look like a piece of garbage. People root against him because of his WWE past, just like so many did when he tried to become a professional football player. He's legit. The guy is very likely faster and stronger then anyone else in the heavyweight division, and honestly moves better than a lot of middleweights. I'd love to see a Lesnar/Mir rematch... Mir will get owned... theres no way he can get away with calling two timeouts in back to back fights with lesnar
I agree with you..
all the way.

The thing is..
I never hated on Brock.
Loved him as a Gopher.
Loved him even more as a WWE 'sports entertainer'.
Loved him mucho moar as a Viking.

He has always been big.
I'm willing to put money down that he does not juice.

And in a Mir-Lesnar rematch..
I don't think Mir gets lucky again.