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Sorry guys this is Aussie land, not US where you can make money for just any kinda video. Just out of respect they have for Steve, I think they will destroy the video, tape which is in Police custody right now.
Sorry, but this wasn't being filmed by a home video camera.

This was a major global network. On a global story about a global guy.

As much as you like to think it will be destroyed it wont. This isn't an Austrailia story this is a world story.

Nice try though.
You are right about that it wasn't a family video thing, but still they can't release the video without the family approval. In any case, I have bookmarked this thread, I will keep an eye open as to what they decide to do with that tape. I truly think the tape will be destroyed, but I guess we will wait and see.
Del Rio I am still waiting for the video, let me know if you can find it in the net somewhere, it's been 5/6 months i am sure it's somewhere in the net now right?