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    Boys to men: Why guys aren’t growing up

    Career aimlessness and beer and porn culture define ‘Guyland’

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    Re: Boys to men: Why guys aren’t growing up

    Once a reasonably good student, he says he now worries that he’s spent so much time playing video games and hanging out in online communities that he hasn’t studied hard enough and that his grades have suffered. “I just get kinda lost in there, you know?” he says. “My parents think I’m doing homework all the time, so I sorta keep it a secret.”
    Yeah! gotta watch out for those online communities.

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    Re: Boys to men: Why guys aren’t growing up

    Michael Kimmel has to turn in his guy membership after spilling the beans in his book and will have to hang out with Dr Phil and Donahue...and Chuck Norris will be by later to kick your ass

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