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Thread: Border Watch

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    6-KINGS Guest

    Border Watch

    Ok I need some advice.
    I have been asked to patrol the Texas border in October to help catch illegal immigrants.

    I am very much against illegal crossings into the US.
    I really don't care where the illegals come from.
    I believe there is room here and I welcome everybody with open arms provided they come legally.
    And I know the INS is flawed big time.
    My question is, I am against these crossings and I know the border Patrol is overwhelmed, but will people really view me as a bigot for doing what is legal and watch the border?

    I hate no one.
    I just want to help, do my part. Use my knowledge in tracking for the good.

    And please don't rip me to shreds, I come here because I know you can give me your view in a positive way.
    And if this post gets locked, email me.
    I want the WHOLE spectrum of thought.
    I am struggling with this.


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    Re: Border Watch

    I don't really think people will get on your back too much 6-Kings. You're enforcing a real law. It's not like you're kidnapping them and throwing them back over the border cuz you don't like them, it's because they're here ILLEGALLY. I for one support you 100%

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    Re: Border Watch

    I am all for the border patrol (I know it is flawed) and against illegal immigrants crossing into the United States. A lot of times they are a burden on taxpayers too. In California, I have read that the State must pay for their education and health care. Which means, the taxpayers must.

    I too do not hate people (only some). But, this is a problem that nobody seems to wanna tackle. It also creates a dilemma with security also. I know that we are not going to be able to keep everybody out of the US that means us harm, but it is far to easy for people to cross our pourus borders.

    Let the stones fly on ultra.

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    Re: Border Watch

    You would only be doing your job, 6-KINGS, and no one can fault you for doing that.
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    6-KINGS Guest

    Re: Border Watch

    "shockzilla" wrote:
    You would only be doing your job, 6-KINGS, and no one can fault you for doing that.
    Well if I choose to do it, I hope that is the case.

    You know Shock, I completely understand why they want to come here, and that time to do it legally may not be on their side.

    But something has to change.
    I just don't want to get caught up in this media firestorm.
    A group called "The Brown Berets" has already threatened me.
    The Hildago County Democratic Chairman has said that they will meet me or anyone with "physical confrontation"

    This will be all over the news(even more than now).

    It is just wacked.

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    Re: Border Watch

    I live in AZ, so I feel your pain. Do your job, do it well.

    Peace through superior firepower!

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    Re: Border Watch

    Similarly, I am against ILLEGAL immigrants, or ILLEGAL border crossings. I am also against hypocritical tariffs and bans on Softwood lumber and candian beef from crossing the american border (Which recently ended after WAYYY too long). Just because Bush was re-elected doesn't mean you can sneak into my country!!

    PS: stop buying our cheap medication

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Border Watch

    Which one of these posts is Post 666, 6-KINGS???

    Kinda ominous...both the topic and the post number....

    Anyway, it's a dirty job and someone (in this case, you) has to do it...if you are going into this with a clear conscience and for the right reasons (it sounds like you are to me), then you gotta take the position.

    Those who would oppose enforcing the laws of this nation should find other means (like the so-called "Brown Berets", whomever they are) to help those who want to come into this country. I would equate these "Brown Berets" to those anti-abortionists who bomb abortion clinics...they rationalize violence in the name of what they believe...never a good thing.

    As far as the Hidalgo Dem Chair, I doubt that his threats are sanctioned by the Democratic Party or anyone with a shred of decency. I just hope that this doesn't escalate into something much worse than mere protests.

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    Re: Border Watch

    Right behind you 6-Kings 100%. In this day and age we need secure
    borders, as along with illegals comes terrorist, drugs, and people making money selling and transporting other people. It is an emotional issue and
    alot of things need to be talked over and changed, but in today's world
    the Border Patrol is understaffed, an under pressure. Taking someone's life savings and ditching them in the desert to fend for themselves by any means is dangerous and has to be stopped.
    Should you choose to become a Border Gaurd, stay safe, and realize
    you are helping these people.
    Maybe the Governments of these other countries need to help their people find legal ways to come here. Or atleast accountable for the turmoil
    and bigotry this situation is causing.

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    Re: Border Watch

    I never understood how people can consider you a racist if you are against ILLEGAL aliens entering the country. It has nothing to do with race, if Canadians all of the sudden came running into the country the way people from Latin America do, we wouldn't be waiting with open arms. It has nothing to do with race. If they legally enter the country, then they are American citizens rather than Mexican aliens. I would completely support what you would be doing. Enforcing the law...nothing wrong with that.
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