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    Bono Bails chute seen...

    Well, it appears that Bozo (aka Bono) has had enough. I must have hurt his widdle feewings by calling him a troll...and then proving it.

    It started HERE - Page 4

    Continued HERE - starts on page 2

    and ended HERE - page 3

    You know, when you dish it out, you HAVE to be able to take it. But, when it comes time to take it, take it like a MAN (Or a woman, if you happen to be one...if you're're a Packer fan).

    I have been following his tripe...well...since he joined the boards. Here's another classic ---> HERE - Pages 4-5

    Another of my favorites ---> HERE - bottom of page 2

    Here's one where he ALMOST picked up the gauntlet...then lost his cajones--->HERE

    So, while most of these aren't the archtypical troll posts on the surface, it is the overall demeanor that ticked me off. And, after 440 posts from Bono - alternating between telling us how good Green bay was going to bem then switching over to trying to tell us Minnesota was better, then back again...I got tired of it and let him have it.

    Granted, he's nowhere NEAR as bad as Packman was...but he does have ONE trait in common. He talks smack...and runs away.

    Today, it came to a head. I'd had enough. And, when faced with relentless opposiotion, what does he do? He says, "I'm leaving...nobody loves me here".

    Sure, bono usually comes in here and eats crow when Green Bay stinks. But it's the waffling, it's the, "Geez, we stink and you're so much better...but we're going to beat you and win the Superbowl...blah blah blah".

    So, I don't write this to get accolades or pats on the back...I write this on the off chance that Bono is just playing "the game". You know which one...the old, "I'll tell them I'm leeaving, wait awhile, then come back so they can all say they missed me terribly". If he DOES come back, I hope he takes the time to follow through on what he says in the future. No more, "Post stupid topic #1.....ooops, too hot....on to stupid topic #2...etc).


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    Re: Bono Bails chute seen...

    Wow, what a saga :lol:

    He'll be back :roll:

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    Re: Bono Bails chute seen...


    Editor's Assistant, but Caine isn't buying.

    I've seen a lot of it and agree he's an undercover Troll. It was cool that we got "insider" information, like, 6 minutes before the rest of the world though.

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    Re: Bono Bails chute seen...

    Oh darn, I told him he wouldn't even make his one year aniv., but Jeesh, Sept. 11th isn't even close. I am not gonna miss him, though.

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    Re: Bono Bails chute seen...

    Bono has left the building? I hope he let the door hit him in the @ss on his way out. I'm new here & I was just starting to hate the guy. At least I got a few licks on him before he left when he was in here trolling in the wee hours of Sunday morn.

    I expect Caine's mom will get a phone call from Bono's mommie sometime today!

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Bono Bails chute seen...

    Different strokes for different folks

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    Re: Bono Bails chute seen...

    I always thought he was a decent guy, but of course I never read all of his posts, so I can see Caine's reason for getting on him. If he can't take it, and chooses to leave, I guess that is his choice. Personally, I enjoy reading the banter between Viking fans and the fans of opposing teams, so I hope he decides to come back. If not, I am sure there will be others.

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    Re: Bono Bails chute seen...

    Good by and good riddance to that troll!

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    Re: Bono Bails chute seen...

    Bye Bye Bono
    Thanks MF

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    Re: Bono Bails chute seen...

    I thought Bono was a pretty decent guy.. But take it easy Bono.. Good luck to the pack this year

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