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    Body Salon Marketing Research

    Hey everyone!

    I'm doing some marketing research for a business project I'm doing at college. The business my team is doing is for a body/beauty salon plaza. This business would be like a "micro-mall" for beauty and body treatment, with each person operating their own business within it.

    If there are any people out there in Vikingland who do massages, facials, nails, manicures/pedicures, hair, or waxing, I would appreciate it if you could answer some questions for me:

    1. As someone leasing space in a body/beauty salon setting, would you want to be the only one providing your service, or would you be fine with competition?

    2. What is the ideal size of work area for the individual work that you do (square feet)?

    3. How much storage space would you need?

    4. Would a common childcare facility within the plaza for the customers or for staff appeal to you?

    5. What hours of operation would you prefer?

    I would also appreciate it if you gave me your location and your number of years in the industry. No names, please.

    Thank you for responding!
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    Re: Body Salon Marketing Research

    I don't think Webby would approve of you posting this, but I'll leave it up to him...
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    Re: Body Salon Marketing Research

    I'll pass on using P.P.O. as a market research forum! :evil:

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    Re: Body Salon Marketing Research

    I guess I don't see anything wrong with this thread, but the big boys ahead of me seem to think so. If you ever have any physical education questions just pm me! Sorry I can't help about this other stuff!!

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