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I like Cuban. I think he's fun and I love his verbal jabs @ the commish and Phil Jackson. He's also what an owner should be. (give or take the whining) He spends a crap load of money on his team, doesn't care about losing money on the franchise and has the ultimate goal to win championships. He's like a more annoying version of what I hope Zygi turns out to be.
Man, that sounds JUST LIKE Steinbrenner...but without the abuse that he takes for being the Yankees owner!

Without the showboating at the games, that is!

The Boss has way more class and tact then Cuban does though.
I don't agree he's like Stenbrenner. Steinbrenner is infamous about firing Managers not mouthing off. He does say what's on his mind but he does it with class.
The Boss loves to run his mouth on a few issues and the Red Sox at times but it is done more subtly than Cuban.