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    Big purse stops bullet from hitting Tenn. student

    MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Don't knock those trendy, oversized purses — they could save your life, as one college student found out. Police say the contents in an oversized purse saved Elizabeth Pittenger, a 22-year-old Middle Tennessee State University student, by stopping a bullet during an attempted robbery.

    Pittenger was walking to her car on campus Thursday evening when a man confronted her and demanded her purse, cell phone and laptop, university Police Chief Buddy Peaster said. She fought the man off, but he fired a gunshot before fleeing.

    The bullet was found inside the purse, along with a calculator, umbrella and small case that had been punctured. Pittenger was not injured.............;_ylt=Ar_632IeOVZEkXR7Oy9Q0LA sQE4F

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    Re: Big purse stops bullet from hitting Tenn. student

    ha yes!

    the power of purses

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