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    Big FIRE, and STUPID PEOPLE, Should equal a good Boot up their A$$...

    I'll first say,I'm even having trouble typing this....My hands are still shaking and my heart is racing like a madmans..

    I had just finished putting the final touches on my basement apartment project and was feeling good about that.

    I decided to kick back for a few and sit out in my yard and have a cold one and enjoy the weather.

    No sooner do I get settled in, I notice some very heavy black smoke rising from the back of a house about two houses down from me and across the street.

    I got up and walked down to the front of the yard and the smoke was now heavy and black, I new this was a good sized fire already..

    I ran across the street to the house and down the driveway into the back, it was not a nice site for sure.
    There in front of me was a two car garage, already half of it , engulfed in flames.
    One car parked in front of the garage was also in flames and things where spreading fast..

    Then from the other side of the smoke I heard a man and the sound of a fire extinguisher going off.....I ran thru the smoke to find an older spainish man trying to battle the flames with a very small household kitchen type extiguisher....I grabed him by the back of the neck and pushed him all the way to his front yard...I yelled at him to stay there and never mind the garage and cars and motorcycle that was back there....Then I realized I had my cell in hand, so I called 911.....Also at this time his wife comes running out of the front of the house with her cell and she is also already screaming at 911 to hurry up and come save her house.

    The garage was only about 20 feet from the back of the house and the winds where blowing towards the house and already had spread to the car and the motorcycle parked behind the car next to the house..

    I was now trying to calm down the wife and asked is their anyone else in the house.
    She said, YES, MY TWO KIDS...

    I couldn't believe what I just heard, but I ran to the house and just about ran thru the front door without opening it even.....The door lead to the kitchen and the two kids, I'de say 10 and 12 years in age are still sitting at the kitchen table, looking at me like I'm some sort of mad man, I said, get your a$$es up and follow me, they just sat there....Probably a little in shock, so I had to actually grab them both and drag them out to the street...

    The mother grabed them and embraced them and the father was just paceing back and forth...There was a large crowd gathering now and sirens in the distance could be heard....I was amazed at some of the a$$ holes standing around, some even making joke of the fire....

    The sound of tires exploding and semi large boom ( I believe it was the motorcycle gas tank that blew up) filled the air.....

    The firemen arrived only a min later and quickly took charge and put the fire out in less than 15 mins...

    At that point, I just left the crowd and went back home to my seat and beer...

    It just really amazes me how people can make such bad decisions in a life threating situation..

    You would think the first thing anyone would do is get all the people that are in a house in that situation out......

    Oh well, I'll try to get some pics tomorrow and post them, it's already dark here now...


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    Re: Big FIRE, and STUPID PEOPLE, Should equal a good Boot up their A$$...

    wow.. vikingned, our real life superhero.
    must have taken alot of guts to go do that.

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    Re: Big FIRE, and STUPID PEOPLE, Should equal a good Boot up their A$$...

    congrats is amazing what people will do but then i really dont know what i would in that situation. i would hope i would have enough common sense to get out of there but i dont know. i would probabbly trying to round up all my vikings gear and makesure it escapes unscathed!
    woo out
    just two corn cobs shy of a bushel

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    Re: Big FIRE, and STUPID PEOPLE, Should equal a good Boot up their A$$...

    good work Ned

    I know when in a panic people can make some poor decisions

    We had a gas leak in our house a few years back and I got my wife and kids out
    had her phone the fire dept. and I turned of the gas main off waited and then opened all the doors and windows. I sat outside and when the fire department arrived and tested the air all the gas was gone, a guy from the gas company capped the gas the the hot water tank and we had the gas back on and were ok.
    I'd hate to think of what might of happened if I hadn't discovered the leak...I guess I won't be around.

    Good work Ned ;D

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Big FIRE, and STUPID PEOPLE, Should equal a good Boot up their A$$...

    Excellent job Ned!
    It's great to have people like you in this world.

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    Re: Big FIRE, and STUPID PEOPLE, Should equal a good Boot up their A$$... stupid can some people be?! Oh my...well at least you were on the scene Ned! I'm glad you didn't put yourself in too much danger though, we wouldn't want to lose you on account of someone else's stupidity!

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    Re: Big FIRE, and STUPID PEOPLE, Should equal a good Boot up their A$$...

    congratz on being a life saver.

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