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Thread: The Big Dance

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    Re: GEORGE MASON!!!!!

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "midgensa" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "tjohnson" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    Quote Originally Posted by tjohnson
    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyVike
    Quote Originally Posted by tjohnson
    Quote Originally Posted by sirweeze
    Awesome stuff. I knew UConn wouldn't even make the final four. All those guys are high draft picks that will be millionaires in a few months, so none of them give a rat's jiggly butt and they sure played like it throughout the tourney.

    Final will be LSU/Nova, methinks

    Methinks you don't know what you're talking about.

    Did GM miss a shot when it counted? No. You could have Jordan's 72-10 Chicago Bulls out there but if the other team doesn't miss then even they would lose. Methinks you should have watched the games a little closer if you didn't think Rashad Anderson and his 3 or Denham Brown with his layup came w/ any heart.
    Jordan's Bulls would've played a lot better defense...that's all that needs to be said.

    Thats not all that needs to be said b/c that doesn't make sense. UConn has the past two Big East Defensive POYs. They'd played very good D but every shot of GM still fell.

    Theres nothing the Huskies, or the Bulls can do IF THE OTHER TEAM NEVER MISSES.
    Mason shot 50%...UConn shot 47%...both very respectable averages...but by no means could Mason's shooting be characterized as NEVER MISSES. And actually Mason was shooting VERY POORLY in the first half...they just picked it up a notch when it counted most...face it tj, UConn had that game in the bag early and BLEW IT!!!
    All right this is my last post about this b/c basically I don't care anymore. Anyone who watched the game knows George Mason DID NOT MISS A BIG SHOT in the last 5 mins of the game and the entirety of overtime.

    That being said, George Mason deserves all the credit in the world b/c they outplayed UConn, UConn didn't blow anything.
    UConn was up by TWELVE points...they DID blow it...BIG TIME!!!
    Cmon Caj ... give credit where it is due. UConn did not really "blow it" ... they got beat. No doubt they have a better team and more talent ... but they were never up by more than 12 and that was very early in the game ... hell ... they trailed for most of the second half.
    I think everyone is surprised that GMU is in the Final Four ... but just because there is an upset does not mean one team blew it ... Duke didn't blow it against a heavy underdog ... they just got outplayed ... same with Mich. State and UNC in the first couple of rounds ... and same with UConn here in the Elite Eight.
    Don't get me wrong, mid...I give Mason A TON of credit...they played with heart and skill DESPITE the obvious height advantage and deep bench that UConn had...which BOTH reflects positively on Mason and negatively on UConn. Mason gets credit for taking it to a bigger team...and taking control of the game...but they should have made their free throws at the would have saved them not only the OT, but also the agony of almost losing it after they had taken control.


    But if they play LSU in the Final...I gotta go with my Tigers!!! :lol:
    This isn't directed at Cajun I just quoted him because of what the guy inside the HUGE list of quotes said........

    GM is no fluke. This wasn't some freak shooting display. They have beaten some serious teams to get to where they were. If this was round one and Uconn lost I can see that argument, but this isn't the case. GM worked for everything they have gotten this tourney, upsetting all along the way.

    It's an amazing story. It's what sports is all about.

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    Re: GEORGE MASON!!!!!

    He's just sore because UConn didn't take advantage of a much greater height advantage and let Mason take it to are right, Del...Mason worked their butts off to win every one of their games...I hope that they make it to the finals...and even win it if LSU isn't their opponent. That would show the local powers around here a thing or it's fun to root for the underdog! :grin:

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